5 Tips for Preserving Your Car’s Paint

It can be very difficult to preserve the paint of your car. As you ride your car on the road, it is being exposed to natural elements like sunlight, rainfall, etc. that wear away the beautiful paint job. Preserving the car’s paint is not only important for its look, but also for preserving its value.

If you don’t take steps to preserve the paint, your car will appear dull and eventually become badly oxidized. Then the only option left will be to repaint it, which is very expensive.

In the past, car manufacturers only applied a single coat of paint. But now a clear coat is applied on top of the first coat, so car paint is now more durable. Here are some tips to preserve the paint of your car.

Wash the car

You should wash the exterior of your car once a week. This way you will get rid of the debris that gets stuck in your car. By washing, you will be able to remove dirt, bugs, fingerprints, etc. You can use car cleaner fluid for this purpose.

Remove the surface contaminants

Simply washing is not enough. It won’t remove the surface contaminants from your car. These include airborne pollutants, tar, soot, etc. These may not be always visible, but these can take away the shininess of your car.

You should use a plastic bag and rub all over the car surface using your hand. Then use detailing clay to finish the job. This way you will be able to get rid of the surface contaminants.

Fix the paint

If there are scratches, then you can fix them using rubbing compound. Scratching only affects the clear coat, so you will be able to fix it easily.


After fixing the scratches and other marks, you should apply car polish. You should use high-quality polish to make your car look like new.

Apply sealant

After you have done all the fixes, you should make sure that your car stays in this condition. For this, you need to apply paint sealant. You will find different kinds of sealants in the market.

You should remove bird droppings, bugs, etc. from the surfaces as soon as possible; otherwise, it may be difficult to remove later on.  When using soap, make sure that you use soap that is appropriate for car washing. Try to park your car in cool and dry places to avoid direct sunlight or rain.

When waxing, you should use high-quality wax every three months. You can also use non-abrasive paint preserving solution that contains polishing oils to refresh the paintwork. These solutions can remove scratches, spots, etc. If the damage on the paintwork is severe, you should repaint it.

6 Things to Know About Opaque Matte Paint in Cars

Matte paint finishes are quite popular in cars. Their rough texture and non-reflective appearance are now trendy.  The matte paint works just like conventional automotive paint. The only difference is the clear coat. In regular pain, the clear coat dries to a smooth texture; and in a matte finish it dries to a rough texture.

The clear coat in matte paint contains microscopic dents and dimples. This prevents reflection of light. So, it doesn’t give a lustrous shine; instead, it gives a sheen finish that is less reflective. Here are some of the things you should know about opaque matte paint in cars.

  1. There is a misconception that caring for matte paint is difficult. The truth is that there are lots of cleaners, polishes, and sealants available today that can maintain the finish and texture of the matte paint.
  2. Like the regular paint, the matte finish paint can also collect scratches and other imperfections. However, the matte paint is less susceptible to scratches and swirls. This is because the matte finish paint is non-reflective. So, even if there is scratch, the light won’t reflect from it and it won’t be visible.
  3. In case, the scratches become too apparent, you can’t easily get rid of it by polishing like in a regular car. You may need to repaint the car. So, you should always protect the matte finish with high-quality matte paint protectant.
  4. Matte finishes are durable and can last a long time. The clear coat provides the long-term protection of the paint. You should protect the clear coat with a sealant so that the matte paint lasts longer.
  5. You cannot apply a standard paint wax to a matte paint. The clear coat on the matte paint has small dips and dumps. When you apply wax, it fills up those bumps. So, you won’t get the matte-finish effect. The paint will look patchy.
  6. You should wash matte painted cars with proper soap. The normal car wash soaps contain waxing agent and additives that make the paint shine. So, you should avoid this kind of soaps. You should use soap that is specifically made for matte finish cars. These soaps don’t have the waxing agent and other additives, so the car won’t have the shiny effect.

Matt finish paint is now available in all kinds of cars and it’s gaining popularity. With glossy paint all around, a matte finish can make your car stand out from the rest. It will give you a sense of individuality.