Why Get A Car Rental In Nice?

Nice, capital of the Cote d’Azur, is one of the most appreciated tourist regions in the world. Its attractions are incomparable and multiple: its extraordinary geographic location between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, just a few kilometers from the Italian border, the legendary softness of its clina, its exceptional luminosity, the diversity of its landscapes, its beautiful beaches blue tones …

City of history, culture, art, creation, events, leisure, nature, flavors, with a pleasant lifestyle … Nice cultivates the charm of its difference by proposing a range of innumerable visits and activities.

Take advantage of your stay to learn about the collections of the twenty museums and galleries and the prestigious creations of Matisse, Chagall or also of the famous School of Nice. For your cultural and leisure visits, choose the French Riviera Pass, a true safe-conduct that will facilitate your stay and offer many advantages.

Come discover or rediscover Nice, a city of many aromas and flavors, by booking an exotic supercar from Apex Luxury Car Hire Nice. Flower markets, fruit and vegetable markets, fish markets … The old city with its typical streets and its “piazzettas” reserves many other treasures.

Urban, cultural, beach or gastronomic visits are so many proposals to enjoy a stay full of emotions.

Great Places To Visit In Nice

The most important event of the Costa Azul in winter, The Carnival of Nice, one of the most important carnivals in the world that proposes an unforgettable program. On the Côte d’Azur, on the shores of the Mediterranean, the Carnival of Nice takes on the colors of a “European River Carnival” … For two weeks enjoy a festive atmosphere on the Cote d’Azur. Animation in all the neighborhoods of the city is constant, with culminating moments in the carnival “corsi”, illuminated “corsi” and the famous battles of flowers. In 2015 the theme of the carnival will be “King of music”.

The castle hill, from where you can enjoy exceptional views of the Bay of Angels, the rooftops of the old city and the Southern Pre-Alps. Know the riches of Old Nice: its narrow streets full of animation, its history, its baroque churches and its markets full of color. Best to visit it with a car rental from Apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/switzerland/zurich to turn your trip to France into something special.

The Paseo de los Ingleses and its 7 kilometers of beaches. It is the brand image of Nice around the world and a meeting place for joggers, cyclists and walkers. The Pier of the United States and the neighborhood of the Port, full of animation, which has the largest concentration of antique dealers in France.

The museums of Nice. There’s plenty to choose from: the Matisse Museum, the Chagall Museum, the MAMAC (Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art), the Museum of Asian Arts … Most are free. Nice le Grand Tour. Nice visit from the top floor of a two-story bus. The Plaza Masséna reconditioned with its seven statues that light up at nightfall. The visit to the Bellet vineyard that was planted at the time of the founding of Marseille by the Phocians. The 15 family farms offer individual visits by appointment, including a tasting.

The trips in the sea in the sanctuary of the marine mammals that covers the zone of greater density of the western Mediterranean: it welcomes in summer at least 2,000 whales and 25,000 dolphins. The Carnival and Flower Battles, main events of the Cote d’Azur in winter. In 2013 it will be held from February 15 to March 6.

6 Luxury Sports Cars to Buy this Year

Who doesn’t dream of driving a luxury car? One of the main reasons why people enjoy watching Formula One race is because of these luxury cars. It is delightful to see Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and other supercars in one place.  Here are the top luxury supercars to buy this year.

McLaren 720S

It has a beautiful sleek design. It is powered by a 3.8-liter V8 engine which has about 700 horsepower. The car can accelerate faster and stop harder as well. It can reach up to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The car is super easy to drive. It has interconnected hydraulic suspension which absorbs up the bumps on the road.

Lamborghini Aventador S

It is powered by 6.5 liter V12. It has a three tip exhaust system. It has sophisticated technology system. It includes four-wheel steering. The speed is incredible. It feels great and drives smoothly. It has a stunning look and you will love it.

Lamborghini Huracan

This care definitely has the traffic-stopping look. It can only be compared to the expensive hand-built cars. It has a V10 engine. It has great power and stiffness. It can produce 631bhp and 600Nm torque. Its performance is simply incredible.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

It can perform better than it’s previous versions. The car is lighter than it’s the previous version. There is an updated tech system and instrument panel. The cabin design is different as well. It is wider in the rear and lower to the ground; that’s why it looks aesthetically pleasing. It has the powerful V8 engine.

Ford GT

This car is available in left-hand drive only. The suspension and chassis are very exotic. It was a much anticipated car. There were more than 6,000 applicants and the car production limit is only 250 per year. The specs are amazing.

The design of the car is simply stunning. It has modern features along with classic GT40 cues. It has a carbon fiber construction and is powered by a powerful V6 engine. It can reach a speed of up to 216 mph.

Spyker C8 Aileron

It has made quite an appearance in the Formula One grid in the last few years. Though the car is not as fast as the others, it still has a strong V8 engine that makes an incredible sound. The finish and the look are just exotic.

These cars are very expensive and luxurious. Yet, they are worth buying. These cars have great looks and are built with the highest detail. They can reach high speed within a short time. You will become a traffic-stopper by driving one of these cars.

4 Reasons you should buy Car Care Kits

A car is a necessary and luxury item. It is difficult to move around without a car. An expensive good looking car is also a symbol of prestige. No matter how expensive car you buy, if you don’t take care of it, the look and condition of your car will deteriorate. You need to clean your car regularly to preserve its looks.

To clean a car thoroughly, you need a number of cleaning supplies. Car cleaning doesn’t mean only shampooing and washing it off with water. You need to wax it, polish it and clean the interior of the car as well.

Using inexpensive soaps can ruin the shine of your car. A car cleaning kit can be very handy in this case. It covers all the things that are essential for cleaning and polishing a car. Here are some reasons why you should buy a car cleaning kit.


Buying a car cleaning kit is more cost effective than buying each item separately. You will be able to save 10% to 30% money by buying the kit. Also, you get products from the same manufacturer when you buy the kit. This means that some of the products often complement the other, thus, provides better cleaning.

Contains lots of things

The car cleaning kit contains soap that is safe to apply to all kinds of paint. It includes paint cleaning clay to remove contaminants that shampooing cannot remove. Some kits contain shine solution for quick touch-ups when you are not washing. Shampoo, buffing pads, waxes, rubber cleaner, etc. are contained in a large sealable bucket. So, the things remain in good condition.

Some high-end car cleaning kits contain blaster kit that can fit any garden hose that is used for washing cars. This is beneficial as some pressure washers are too powerful and can damage the paint.

However, you need a high-pressure washer to remove bird dropping and other contaminants. So, the kit contains different blasters that can be used for various applications as needed.

They are assembled by experts

The car care cleaning kits are assembled by car care professionals. They know what’s good for your car. So, you will have the right cleaning products that are appropriate for your car.

Reusable container

The car care kit contains reusable containers which are easy to carry and store. You can also refill the products if needed in these containers.

Car care kits can be very useful as you will get everything in one place. You won’t have to go through the trouble of selecting individual products. These kits contain high-quality products that are selected by the experts. So, your car will be in good condition by using these products.

5 Tips for Preserving Your Car’s Paint

It can be very difficult to preserve the paint of your car. As you ride your car on the road, it is being exposed to natural elements like sunlight, rainfall, etc. that wear away the beautiful paint job. Preserving the car’s paint is not only important for its look, but also for preserving its value.

If you don’t take steps to preserve the paint, your car will appear dull and eventually become badly oxidized. Then the only option left will be to repaint it, which is very expensive.

In the past, car manufacturers only applied a single coat of paint. But now a clear coat is applied on top of the first coat, so car paint is now more durable. Here are some tips to preserve the paint of your car.

Wash the car

You should wash the exterior of your car once a week. This way you will get rid of the debris that gets stuck in your car. By washing, you will be able to remove dirt, bugs, fingerprints, etc. You can use car cleaner fluid for this purpose.

Remove the surface contaminants

Simply washing is not enough. It won’t remove the surface contaminants from your car. These include airborne pollutants, tar, soot, etc. These may not be always visible, but these can take away the shininess of your car.

You should use a plastic bag and rub all over the car surface using your hand. Then use detailing clay to finish the job. This way you will be able to get rid of the surface contaminants.

Fix the paint

If there are scratches, then you can fix them using rubbing compound. Scratching only affects the clear coat, so you will be able to fix it easily.


After fixing the scratches and other marks, you should apply car polish. You should use high-quality polish to make your car look like new.

Apply sealant

After you have done all the fixes, you should make sure that your car stays in this condition. For this, you need to apply paint sealant. You will find different kinds of sealants in the market.

You should remove bird droppings, bugs, etc. from the surfaces as soon as possible; otherwise, it may be difficult to remove later on.  When using soap, make sure that you use soap that is appropriate for car washing. Try to park your car in cool and dry places to avoid direct sunlight or rain.

When waxing, you should use high-quality wax every three months. You can also use non-abrasive paint preserving solution that contains polishing oils to refresh the paintwork. These solutions can remove scratches, spots, etc. If the damage on the paintwork is severe, you should repaint it.

6 Things to Know About Opaque Matte Paint in Cars

Matte paint finishes are quite popular in cars. Their rough texture and non-reflective appearance are now trendy.  The matte paint works just like conventional automotive paint. The only difference is the clear coat. In regular pain, the clear coat dries to a smooth texture; and in a matte finish it dries to a rough texture.

The clear coat in matte paint contains microscopic dents and dimples. This prevents reflection of light. So, it doesn’t give a lustrous shine; instead, it gives a sheen finish that is less reflective. Here are some of the things you should know about opaque matte paint in cars.

  1. There is a misconception that caring for matte paint is difficult. The truth is that there are lots of cleaners, polishes, and sealants available today that can maintain the finish and texture of the matte paint.
  2. Like the regular paint, the matte finish paint can also collect scratches and other imperfections. However, the matte paint is less susceptible to scratches and swirls. This is because the matte finish paint is non-reflective. So, even if there is scratch, the light won’t reflect from it and it won’t be visible.
  3. In case, the scratches become too apparent, you can’t easily get rid of it by polishing like in a regular car. You may need to repaint the car. So, you should always protect the matte finish with high-quality matte paint protectant.
  4. Matte finishes are durable and can last a long time. The clear coat provides the long-term protection of the paint. You should protect the clear coat with a sealant so that the matte paint lasts longer.
  5. You cannot apply a standard paint wax to a matte paint. The clear coat on the matte paint has small dips and dumps. When you apply wax, it fills up those bumps. So, you won’t get the matte-finish effect. The paint will look patchy.
  6. You should wash matte painted cars with proper soap. The normal car wash soaps contain waxing agent and additives that make the paint shine. So, you should avoid this kind of soaps. You should use soap that is specifically made for matte finish cars. These soaps don’t have the waxing agent and other additives, so the car won’t have the shiny effect.

Matt finish paint is now available in all kinds of cars and it’s gaining popularity. With glossy paint all around, a matte finish can make your car stand out from the rest. It will give you a sense of individuality.

4 Tips for Cleaning the Interior of your Car Covered with Alcantara

When you buy a new car from the showroom, everything looks very shiny. As you drive your car on the road, pollutants make your car dirty. Most people try to wash their car once a week to keep the exterior clean.

It is also important to keep the interior of your car clean. The car seats of high-end cars are made of Alcantara and these get dirty over time. Alcantara cleaner can be very effective in cleaning these parts of the car.

Alcantara is a material that is used to upholster the interior surfaces of cars. It has high quality and is wear resistant. It is easy to maintain as well if you use the right products and cleaning methods. Here are some tips for cleaning the interior of your car if it’s covered with Alcantara.

  1. You must dust the Alcantara surfaces every weak using a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush. You should use a brush with a long handle so that you can reach the tighter areas to remove dirt.
  2. You should clean these surfaces thoroughly twice a year. There are various Alcantara cleaners available in the market. It is better to use water-based cleaning solutions. These won’t make the surfaces wet.
  3. After applying the cleaner or spray, you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe out the areas. You should apply light pressure only when cleaning the Alcantara surfaces.
  4. If there is any stain on the seat, you should apply Alcantara spray in that area and use a sponge to remove the stain. Apply the sponge in a circular motion till it fades away.

Mainly three surfaces of high-end cars are covered with Alcantara. These are the seats, handbrake handle, and steering. As these undergo heavy use, they become dirty and loses the shininess over time. It gives a matting effect that makes the Alcantara surface look dull and dirty.

You should keep Alcantara surfaces away from heat. Things like cigarette burns can cause damage to the surface. Pilling is a problem in Alcantara. Due to abrasion, the fibers develop small spherical nodules. So, you should be careful that the surface doesn’t get much damaged.

You should use a high-quality Alcantara spray to keep the interior of your car clean. If there is any stain, it is better to use the spray to remove it right away. Fresh stains are easy to remove than those that get hard over time. By using Alcantara cleaner you will be able to maintain the new look of your Alcantara surfaces.

4 Car Safety Features You Should Know About

When we buy a car, one of the prime factors we consider is how strong the body of the car is. A car with a strong body will last longer and will be able to withstand collision or impact made during an accident. These cars are also the safest to ride.

Many car manufacturers give safety a priority when making cars. They consider both pre-crash and post-crash features. Here are the important car protection features you should know about.

Strong body

The modern cars are stronger, faster and safer. They can handle more weight and torque. One of the biggest improvements in car safety features in the past has been an improvement in steel that is used to make the bodies of the car. Steels are now stronger.

In the early 2000s, the steel that was used in cars had 500 megapascals of tensile strength. Today hot-pressed steel is used that has a tensile strength of 1,500 megapascals. The strong steel makes the car safer.

Smart car features

Modern cars have auto steering, breaking and even autonomous driving systems. Volvo, for example, has autonomous emergency braking that is applied in certain cases when the driver fails to do so. This results in fewer collisions.

Mercedes-Benz S-class and other cars have introduced the self-steering mechanism. This feature can make the necessary steering corrections to maintain the car’s position in the lane.

Crumple zones

Crumple zones are now present in modern cars to protect the passengers and the drivers in rear, frontal and offset crashes. These zones can absorb crash energy and so protects the people inside the car.

Strong doors with internal padding

The doors of the modern cars are stronger now with internal padding. So, it can protect the passengers and driver during a crash. There are side airbags available as well.

Along with these, the cars have regular safety features like seat belts, airbags, and headrests. The headrest can prevent whiplash in case of rear impact crashes. The frontal airbags can protect from frontal crashes. The front crumple zones and side door beams can reduce the energy impact during a crash.

However, nothing will be effective if the body structure of the car isn’t strong. The safest car has strong shock absorbing body structure. So, if you want to buy a safe car, you should look for these features in the car. You should also improve your driving skills and maintain traffic rules so that you don’t cause unnecessary accidents on the road.